Jul 26, 2015


This article is in continuation of my previous article called 'Philosophy of Luck' where questions were raised about luck and how it works in favour for some and against others. This subject is so intricate in nature that it is hard to find any credible answer which can be proved scientifically. It is up to one to believe various theories and philosophies described in ancient scriptures or one should have reasonable scientific background to understand this subtle phenomenon. My analysis of karma is based on my understanding of different subjects of science, life’s true experiences, and outpouring of thoughts from the sub conscious mind together with credible logic and convincing philosophy.

Having studied sciences with an inclination towards spiritualism and philosophy, it has been hard on me to accept any phenomena which cannot be proved scientifically. I try to look every aspect of life from a scientific angle and I take the shelter of spiritualism and philosophy only when the modern sciences cannot satisfy me in getting an answer. In psychology we talk about unconscious or sub conscious mind and in order to investigate its overpowering but silent presence in our brain; I have also written another article called ‘Philosophy of Mental Deception’ which can be read in conjunction with this article.   

Before I go in detail about philosophy of karma or karmic truth, it will be quite interesting to know what books of religion say about Karma.

In Hinduism, it is the action or deed which causes the cycle of cause and effect.  Karma is the totality of our actions and their concomitant reactions in current and previous lives which determines our future. As per Hinduism, Karmas are of four types - Sanchita Karma, Kriyaman Karma, Prarabdha Karma and Nishkam Karma. Sanchita Karma is the sum total of Karmas of the previous lives. Kriyamana Karmas are being created in the present life and its good or bad impact will be experienced in the next life.   The portion of Sanchita Karma which influences human life in the present life is called Prarabdha Karma. Prarabdha Karma cannot be changed but experienced until it is exhausted. Any action done without expectation of fruits or result is called Nishkam Karma. Nishkam Karma does not affect the doers in any way either in this life or in future lives.

As per Buddhism, Karma means intentional action and refers to the universal law of cause and effect and created not only by physical action but also by thoughts. Just as action causes reaction, Karma causes effects that come back to original actor. Jainism believes that neither God nor Guru has any role in a person’s Karma and the individual is the sole doer and enjoyer of his Karma and their fruits. Sikhism accepts the doctrines of Karma and reincarnation as the facts of nature. In the Western world, Theosophical Society propagated karma as the law of cause and effects or ‘what goes around comes around’. 

In order to scientifically prove theory of karma and after taking into account recent scientific discoveries, I am embarked upon a project of writing book where this subject is divided into several chapters. Each chapter is going to investigate the modern scientific discoveries and how they are correlated with different scientific theories and our Karmic Energy. I will also try to create a simulation that how this philosophy works in favour or against of a person. 

However for the purpose of this article and the blog, I have tried to describe the phenomenon in short to understand the concept.  

Like any other matter our minds also produce mental energy and create an electromagnetic spectrum around our body in the form of an Aura. This aura represents our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies. Whatever we do or think, affects the aura and its invisible luminosity depends upon our mental meanderings and physical fitness. This aura is also affected by the change in surroundings including earth's electromagnetic field, penetrating radio frequencies, solar spectrum, lunar electromagnetic field, cosmic rays emanating from various constellations and of course influencing auras of other personalities. 

Depending upon the thought processes and resulting actions; frequency and wavelength of mental energies are determined. No action, good or bad can take effect unless our mind intensely thinks about them resulting in the relevant action. This results in the vibration of atoms inside our brain and in turn they generate mental energies or the karmic energies. The mental energy produced by such thoughts or actions are never destroyed and reverberates in the environment and travels far beyond the galaxy.

The astrological science describes the role of celestial bodies in human’s life and if deciphered well by experts, then they can
precisely predict the outcome in various stages of a man’s life. Depending upon the place and time of birth and celestial constellations in sky, natal charts are drawn to show the possibility of influencing or affecting planets or stars at the time of birth. The celestial effects are automatically downloaded upon birth and hardwired in brain in the form of coded karmic impressions similar to writing of codes on hard disc of a computer by anti virus software or downloading from the internet in our computers, lap tops or cell phones for up-gradation of a program.

These impressions are further converted into the visual forms similar to computer hardware like a monitor and displayed on human palms through the nerve endings originating from the neurons and axons of brain cells containing such karmic messages. Therefore palms of every individual is different including mounts (mount of Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars, Sun etc); various lines such as Fate Line, Brain Line, Heart Line, Life Line, specific marks & signs and thumb impressions etc. If read well by an expert (not by the road side or commercial readers and fake fortune tellers), then human palms can also tell a hell lot of stories of the person's past, present and future happenings.

Predictions made by the qualified and learned astrologers or palmists can be startling. This shows that there is a deep relationship between the energies of past life or lives and the current birth, and evidences of cosmic/karmic software and hardware are very much present in our bodies. The celestial bodies work as catalysts in recognizing the nature and characteristics of such karmic energies floating in the universe and reacts with them upon coming in contact.

Their electromagnetic fields help in bouncing back those karmic energies to the original producers in current life or subsequent lives. Since the distance of each planet and constellations of star varies from earth, and their position in sky also varies depending upon the place and time of birth; impacts of these karmic energies on brain cells (the receptors) also differs depending upon the electromagnetic spectrum, intensity, frequency and wavelength of karmic energies. Therefore they reciprocates to the human brain only when our brains or the body aura emits the matching signals or creates matching environment conducive for the karmic energies to enter our brain cells and establish the file system, which an astrologer defines this as Dasha (short period) or Mahadasha (long period). Till then they keep bouncing back & forth in the universe. The science of astrology can very well predict the approximate time of automatic downloading of such programs by sub-conscious part of our brain from the universal cosmic mainframe. I will go in further details of this mechanism with illustrations in my forthcoming book on karma.

Having said above, it is still hard to digest that how mental or karmic energies of past lives can be received in this life without distortion due to their long cosmic journey. To prove this phenomenon we will have to take the help of the Laws of Thermodynamics of Physics. As per the law of thermodynamics, energies cannot be destroyed but they can be transformed in different forms. If this theory is right then it testifies that, the karmic energies generated by our minds are transformed into the electromagnetic waves and travels through the universe until they are bounced back by the relevant electromagnetic fields of various planets and stars in typical celestial constellations.

Picture of our solar system may provide some ideas about the distance of different planets. Modern science is yet to ascertain the correct distance from earth of various constellations of star such as Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Piece. Modern sciences are also yet to know the types of electromagnetic waves they create and how electromagnetic fields of other galaxies in the universe communicate with ours. 

The communication between terrestrial and extra terrestrial bodies can be understood by understanding the communication system of modern radio signals. The way radio signals are received and bounced back by the geo-stationary man made satellites in the 

earth’s orbit, the same way these celestial bodies or satellites of Sun and other galaxies work as reflectors of electromagnetic waves produced by our minds and that is why they are the prime influencers in an astrological natal chart.

Therefore karmic energies produced by us and transmitted by our sub-conscious part of the brain to the universe, are automatically reflected by the matching electromagnetic waves of these planets and stars towards the receptors (our brain) having similar electromagnetic codes. Before the invention of cellular phone, satellites and bar codes or QR codes, it was difficult to explain this phenomenon. Cell phone calls originated at one end of the world immediately tracks the cell phone numbers on the other parts of the world without distortion, (because it recognizes the code (phone number) through orbiting geo-stationary satellites in the sky). The same way mental/karmic energy with specific codes (like bar codes or QR codes) reverberating in the universe after being reflected by the cosmic satellites, immediately recognizes the matching base/primary codes present in human brain cells. Inside the brain cells, these base or primary codes are programmed by  our soul or Atma. They are carrier of these codes (containing the Sanchit Karma in their subtlest form as energy) from one life to another and programs our brain accordingly and the resulting outcome is called destiny.

In my article called “Philosophy of Mental Deception”, I have mentioned that how our brain is much superior to the most advanced computer in the world and how it keeps operating the various systems of our body without letting us know even. A cell phone is the most primitive example in comparison to our sub-conscious mind and we are not aware that how our sub-conscious mind is downloading or uploading data (coded Karmic messages) from the cosmic mainframe through the cosmic Wi-Fi system without our conscious knowledge.

Therefore, we should think twice before thinking negative or doing something bad in our lives. Even if nobody is watching us or we think smart in be-fooling the world and the universal social justice system based on Sanatam Dharma (Eternal Order); our karmic system by default is writing codes and seamlessly transmitting them to the cosmic mainframe.

There should not be any doubt that the way our good work will reward us the same way bad thoughts or bad actions will haunt us one day in our lives to come and we will never understand why we are suffering physically or mentally or why bad time has come and not going away in spite of our being pious, religious, generous and kind heart person in this life. 

Karma is a hard task master and makes irreversible print on our charts of life. It will never forgive us in case of bad karmas and will punish us in lives to come. Similarly it will always reward us for the good actions of past lives directly or indirectly in spite of being a bad or crooked person in this life. Since the highway or the main path of the present life is already determined based on the karmas of past life and astrology, palmistry, numerology, etc are the testimonials of this fact, hence chances of any change is remote. This is the reason that we are baffled about so many corrupt or successful people around us indulged in wrong doings and nothing bad happens to them. In another example, some successful people may wrongly think that they are the doers and whatever they have achieved it is due to their hard work, vision and planning. 
But they do not understand that it is their Sanchit Karma which triggers the thought process and compels a person to think and act in a particular direction, positively for good or negatively for bad. Otherwise human anatomy is the same and no scientists in the world can precisely say that why two brains think differently in spite of having same anatomy or hardware (neurons and axons) and configuration inside the brain. Therefore we should not be arrogant in case of success and demean unsuccessful, poor or sufferers. Rather we should feel pity on them, as they have destroyed their present lives due to their actions in past and they cannot do anything to reverse them.

We also must understand clearly that God has no role in the making of our lives or destiny or luck. Being an almighty, omnipresent, and omniscient parent of ours, he has created a universal system for all his sons and daughters and other creatures to live and thrive. In order to maintain the harmonious balance in the universe, everybody has to follow suit or fall in the system and there is no exception. Bhakti (devotion), prayers, rituals, mantra (hyms), tantra (symbols), magic, tabij (invoked lockets), zodiac stones etc will never remove the karmic impressions but may provide solace or internal strength to overcome or pass the phases of bad karmas. There may seem to be some exceptions, but even those exceptional people have gone through their fair share of good or bad times. 

However, we should never become fatalist (bhagyawadi) as we never know when the effects of good karma is going to kick in or what is the life span of such positive karmic energies and when the time is right for their downloading into our brain. And without efforts positive karmic energies when they will try to connect our mental mainframe upon maturity, will go waste as they will not be able to convert into a positive action. This is the reason that lord Krishna has said in Srimad Bhagwadgita that our duty is to make efforts but without expectations (nishkam karma), as we have no control on the result of our efforts. 
So be careful my friends. If you are fortunate to be blessed with the effects of good karmas then you must pray to God everyday for its maintenance and for further embarking upon the journey of life which ultimately culminates in Moksha (salvation). And if you are inflicted with bad karmic energies then you must pray to almighty for his forgiveness and derive strength to overcome the situation.  

Let God bless us with good thoughts, magnanimity and kindness.

Suman Saran Sinha
A pursuer of logical quest
Toronto, Canada
July 28th, 2015.

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