Mar 22, 2017


Incidentally the topic ‘destiny’ was discussed today in our discussion group meeting. This group is comprised of like-minded seniors and successful people with strong intellect that meets every month and selects a topic of interest for intellectual deliberations. I am fortunate to be a part of this group and enjoy contributing my 2 cents and understanding of life. In the meeting, everybody's presentation of their knowledge on the topic was par excellence from an intellectual point of view, but the scientific and spiritual points of view were amiss. As far as I am concerned, I have already expressed briefly my understanding of this unfathomable, invisible, and invincible influence in our lives in previous articles. In this article, I have tried logically to elaborate on my spiritual and philosophical views.

Everybody in the world, at some stages of their lives, must have
felt that things did not happen in their lives the way they wanted; despite of their best possible efforts according to their mental and physical abilities, educational and intellectual capacity, and options or alternatives they have or had at that particular time. Not many people can state that the events in their career, education, social success, marital relationship, health and well-being, material gain, bonding with siblings and children etc. went exactly as they planned. If they say in affirmation, then the person is either God incarnate or overlooking the results in its totality or perhaps falls in 0.000001% of the world population that turned out to be extremely "lucky". That is why majority of the world believe in luck, fate, destiny, God's hand or unexplained forces to solace themselves for their success or failure.

It is easy to talk on a complex topic like destiny and explain its meaning intellectually but it is very difficult to prove its existence or convincingly demonstrate how it works. Those who negate its existence completely, are also unable to explain certain events in their lives in which they had no willful control. Therefore, when we think of destiny, several questions come to our minds. 

  • Is success or failure only due to right or wrong decisions made by us?
  • If it is due to the right or wrong decisions then why we make such decisions?  What triggers the difference in our thought processes?
  • Is it fate or predetermined prophecy made by natural forces? 
  • Is it due to the cause and effect theory of karma or is it the sum total of our actions in this life and previous lives? 
  • Do we decide our destiny by willful action and by hard and persistent efforts only? 
  • Are we the maker of our own destiny and responsible for our own successes or failures? 
  • If we are responsible for our own destiny and whatever happens in our lives due to our willful action only, then why we do not have 100% control on the results of our every desire or willful action? 
  • As humans, if we would have 100% control on our willful action then Christ would not have been crucified, Lord Rama would not have been banished in the forest for 14 years, and there would not have been dissatisfaction, unhappiness, pain and sorrows all around us in the world. 
Therefore, it is pertinent to think about the influence of destiny and how it dictates our lives differently in different people all over the globe. If not, then how are two or more siblings different in nature, character, behavior, thoughts and action despite having the same environment, parenting, schooling, and opportunities? If the influence of karmic energies through planets and stars would not have played a role in our lives, then how do people born under different zodiac signs act, behave, think, or perform differently?

Why Aries are different from Pisceans, or why Geminis are different from Capricornians in nature and attitude etc.? Why is there commonality between the people born under the same zodiac sign? If not, then how anyone having the knowledge of western zodiac signs, can easily guess or predict people's behavior and nature as angry, lovable, naive, stubborn, friendly, flirtatious, mischievous, selfish etc. ?

If one’s hard work, positive outlook, and unfettered effort could have brought positive results, then why it does not happen in the case of those who put forth their efforts with similar conviction? It is easy to demean a person by saying that the person could not succeed due to his or her wasteful or unfocused efforts. But who can decide the parameters of efforts for success with absolute precision for obtaining a fail proof outcome?

There can be hundreds of related questions and it would be hard to find answers academically or intellectually unless we take the shelter of spiritualism. Spiritualism helps us in diving deep into our consciousness to search for the answers, such as - who are we? Do we have a purpose? Why we have come to this earth and what influencing factors shape our lives? 

As far as science is concerned, no one scientific analysis or theory
is going to prove the mystery. We need to think out of the box and try to analyze this celestial phenomena by combining various branches of science; human soul and its transition from body to body; anatomy and physiology of a human body; complexity of the human brain and the role of the nervous system; constellations of stars and planets and their roles in our lives; the astrological sciences proving the impact of planetary influences in our lives; science of palmistry depicting celestial interference's by way of a diagram on our palms and thus showing the path we are destined to follow etc. 

To make this article readable and short, I have tried to make a link between them and present a convincing philosophy in proving the logic once again. Karma is proportionately related to destiny; hence you may read my previous article ‘Philosophy of Karma’ for better understanding. In this article, I have tried to make a concise effort in describing destiny.

We all know that every action has a reaction, therefore every mental or physical action we perform in our lives generates energy and we may call it ‘Karmic Energy’. Karmic Energy can be positive or negative and it depends upon our thought processes or actions. The karmic energy can provide direct results to the producer in the form of willful action in day to day life and it may in turn determine the path to destiny. 

Therefore, the quality of karmic energy is an important factor in influencing our thought process which directs our mind for willful action. Without having a thought in the brain, no willful action can be made and if the willful action is made then it has to bring good or bad results on which we have no control. 

We also know that once energy is produced, it cannot be destroyed but it can be transformed into different forms of energy. Our minds keep producing karmic energies according to our intentions. These karmic energies have different wavelengths and frequencies depending upon the intensity of the mental or physical dynamics that occur in our mind. If the thought process is very intense then the karmic energy vibrates at greater frequency but has shorter wavelength and vice versa. Our strong desire to get something, a strong liking or disliking of someone or something, anger for someone etc. produces high intensity karmic energy.

Therefore, karmic energies produced by us emanate from our brain and reverberates in this universe. They are bar-coded which means these energies have the ability to identify its producer the way sound energy produced by a cell phone can exactly recognize the receiving cell phone in different parts of the world. The way soundwaves or radiowaves travel through the space and hit the spaceship or space station or satellites, and come back to the receiving station with the execution of prompted command from the ground control; the same way karmic energies produced by us keep going back and forth in the universe and looking for the matching planets or stars for reflecting back to the producer.

I am going to use the analogy of a computer to explain my understanding of the above concept. In our case, human brains are the transmitter or transponder or receptors of karmic energy and the soul is the prime beneficiary. Positive or negative karmic energies produced by us in past lives come back to us from the cosmic mainframe and hit our transponder (brain) for downloading and creating a file system, so to speak. These energies ultimately hard-wire the brain cells positively or negatively and influence our thought process for willful action which then leads to good or bad results in this life.

One may argue that how come 'bad people' in our society still thrive with material success and hold political or social power without much personal damage or destruction?

In my opinion, in this life our brain is already programmed according to the karmic energies of past lives received at the time of birth and the programming of the brain also creates a firewall system which allows selected karmic energies for which a file system is already present in the brain to get in from the cosmic mainframe as we age. A shield is also created in the form of body aura which is unique for every individual. This is the reason that good or bad energies of this life cannot benefit or harm the producer immediately and keeps reverberating in the universe until a conducive environment is found for downloading at the time of re-birth of the soul.

This is also the reason that everybody thinks or acts differently and it is hard to find the exact same thoughts in two people. This proves the existence of unknown forces interfering in our thought process which determines the qualitative and willful action.

If we do not believe in karmic energy and its qualitative outcome, then everybody in the world should have been a carbon copy in their thought process on similar topics. As a matter of fact, the anatomy of the brain and the nervous system carrying the mental messages for converting thoughts into action is the same in its chemical or physical compositions and nobody can precisely say that I have more neurons or axons in brain than the others or that my nervous system carrying those mental messages is superior to others.

Now, the Soul resides in the form of energy in us and constantly interacts with our mind having the ever changing file system being updated time to time depending upon the position of planets and constellations of stars in the sky and thereby reflecting karmic energies back to our brains. According to astrological sciences, the duration of such celestial communications to our brain determines the period of Dasha (time), Antardasha (intervening period of time) and Mahadasha (longer period of time). If an astrologer says that the person is going through the Mahadasha or Antardasha of Sun, Venus or Saturn then it may mean that the karmic energies related to these planets will continue interacting prominently with our karmic files present in the brain until the period of such antardasha or mahadasha

Now when does the process of downloading karmic energies start? To my understanding, the umbilical fluid present in the mother’s womb protects a fetus from all kinds of cosmic rays and energies and the moment a baby takes birth, the protective shield is gone and the baby is exposed to the outside environment and the infinite universe. At this stage, his or her soul through the transponder (brain) starts receiving and exchanging data with the cosmic mainframe. Karmic energies of past lives floating in the universe are reflected back by the planets and constellations present in the sky. This is the reason that the karmic energies having greater intensity but shorter wavelength immediately comes to the newly born baby and interacts with the soul.  Since planets are nearer to earth than the constellations of stars, they make immediate impacts and play a major role in shaping our lives by reflecting back karmic energies of past lives to us.

Every planet and constellations of stars are unique in identifying and reflecting specific types of karmic energies back to us. Reflection of the quantity or strength of positive or negative energies depend upon the producer of these energies in past lives. The position of planets at the time of birth is going to tell an astrologer how the quantum of planetary effects reflecting corresponding energies are going to affect a child's life.

Any astronomer can also tell the degree of positioning of planets or stars in the sky and their distance in light years from the earth at the time of birth of a child. Since Earth is revolving on its pole and half of the earth is always dark at any given time, the distance from a particular place on earth to planets and stars vary. This determines the ascendancy and descendancy of planets and can be seen on our natal charts. These variations in the sky and changing patterns determines the reflection of such karmic energies to a newborn at the time of birth which ultimately programs the brain for specific thinking resulting in a peculiar behavior and action in later stages of life.

This is the reason that a child's time and place of birth is very important to ascertain exact celestial positions in the sky and their corresponding effect on a child's life. When I say corresponding effect, I mean the capacity to reflect specific types of karmic energies in this life back to the person which was produced in the past life or lives. If one can study astrology and logically analyse the close connections between the planets and astrological forecasts holistically then it would be easy to understand my logic.

Now an important question comes into the picture: what is the proof of celestial intervention in our lives? In response, I would like to deliberate that nature has provided us proof of every natural phenomenon. If we are unable to understand or decipher these proofs or are unable to unfold their mysteries, then it is our lack of knowledge and mental education. Medically, billions of wire-like nerves originate from neurons and axons of the brain connecting every and each cell of our bodies to the brain. Therefore, if there is any change in the brain cells due to karmic energy downloads, then they must show the change in the form of results somewhere in the body. 

According to the science of palmistry, the downloading report of karmic energies are published through nerve endings of the brain on our palm.  It is a matter of experts to decipher the coded reports for our reading and understanding. If one can study astrology and palmistry carefully, then they will find a close relationship between these two sciences. If according to astrology, Jupiter or Mars is prominent in the natal chart then a person's mount of Jupiter or Mars on his or her palm has to be well developed. And if a person's natal chart shows Sun or Saturn at the lowest degree then his or her palm must show the depressed mount of Sun or Saturn or weak corresponding lines of Sun or Saturn. 
As such, an astrologer can make predictions of a person's life story precisely, if read properly. The karmic energy having low frequency but longer wavelength travels far beyond to constellations such as Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Libra etc. and takes some time in coming back to the soul or commences the downloading process of karmic energies at different stages of life depending upon its distance and position in the sky at the time of birth. Therefore, effects of Nakshatras (constellations of stars) are more feeble than the Grahas (planets).

So we can safely say that a connection gets established immediately once a soul is exposed to the universe and the cosmic energy interacts with it from time to time depending upon the frequency and wavelength of karmic energies, resulting in impacting our lives positively or negatively on different stages of our lives. This is the reason that sometimes we are taken aback by the adverse outcome of our willful actions - because the karmic energies impacting our brain cells changes the thought process for good or bad without our conscious knowledge. 

To explain the above, the impact of karmic energies through planets and constellations are codified in the brain. Nerves originating from the brain cells containing files of karmic energies run through the body and ends at our palm and fingers. They create unique impressions on our palms and fingers in the form of lines such as Lines of the Heart, Brain, Life, Fate etc. and by way of raising or depressing mounts on our palms such
as Mounts of Venus, Jupiter, etc. Various signs are also displayed such as a Star mark, Island, Rectangle, Triangle, Chain or broken lines etc. showing signs of specific future events as we grow.  

Fingers are also classified under different shapes and categories 
such as club, conical, square, rectangle, pointed etc. Therefore, a palm can tell a whole lot of stories about a person's past lives, nature, character and impending future events. It is also worth noting that it would be absolutely unusual to find two people having the same designs or structure of the palm with similar lines or mounts. This again proves that they have nothing to do with the biological  or genetic evolvements but some kind of unusual phenomenon inexplainable to modern science.

A good and genuine palm reader or a palmist can provide startling revelations of one’s life which can be mind boggling and nobody can explain how a palmist or an astrologer knows so much about him or her. 

Likewise, a good natal chart reader can predict one’s entire life in advance or at the time of birth. I would urge that one educate himself or herself before dismissing and negating astrology or palmistry.

Our saints and sears were great scientists and they had already measured the distance between Earth and all the planets, and constellations thousands of years back. As of today, modern scientists still have no clue how they measured distances with such precision.  One of the saptarishis (seven saints), Bhrigu Maharaj has already written a book ten thousand years back predicting the past and future life of several individuals based on the movement of planets and constellations in the sky. He drew 500,000 natal charts with precise calculations. His work is called ‘Bhrigu Samhita’. This also shows that our life is predetermined and whatever we are today it is not only our efforts and due to our willful action or choices, but also good or bad deeds of previous lives influencing our thought processes which are transformed into specific willful actions resulting in intelligent or foolish decisions. 

After discussing the topic of destiny, one can now very well understand that people are bestowed with luck which comes to them due to their punyakarmas (good deeds) of past lives. It is able to provide an explanation for the successful results obtained by the bad of society, and the suffering of the good. The good deeds of past lives act like a shield and helps protect the person in most. But it does not mean that bad deeds of a past life will never harm them. Therefore an astrologer can predict the good time or bad time in a person's life. Corrective measures are only a solace and provides mental strength to overcome obstacles, otherwise effects of karma are indestructible and unchangeable. It will reward or haunt us somewhere in the cycle of birth, death and re-birth.

Despite knowing the truth of life and having some spiritual understanding, I am not a fatalist and neither advocate one to become fatalist even after having some understanding of the destiny. We do not know exactly what types of karmic energies are bestowed upon us or what kind of baggages (karmas of past lives) we are born with and how and when karmic energies are going to strike us for good or bad with precise date and time. This is not to say that there is no free will. However, since most of us are not acutely self-aware or attuned to cosmic influences upon us, many times when we look back at our decisions, we question them. We ask ourselves why we did not think differently, or choose differently. Therefore, our duty is to perform willful actions with conscious choice, truthfulness, righteousness and to the  best of our knowledge and belief, and leave the results on destiny to decide. This is what  is propagated by Lord Krishna in Bhagwadgita as well. 

Therefore, to understand the role of destiny in deciding our life path, we must make a holistic approach in understanding what we think or do in our lives. We should never forget that it is going to reward or punish us in this life or next lives for sure. This comes back to the scientific idea that every action has a reaction. Unless we understand the role of destiny in one’s life, we will never understand why people with high moral and ethical characters sometime suffer more and bad people having immoral characters’ flourish and thrive.  The answer lies in the karmic energies and the resulting destiny.

Your comment and suggestions would further enlighten my thought process and for that, I would remain grateful.

Suman Saran Sinha
A pursuer of logical quest

Sunday, 19th March, 2017

(Disclaimer: This article is the result of the original thought of the writer and no research was made or references were obtained or cross checked from any book or texts, white papers  or materials available on the internet except photographs, while penning down of thoughts. Similar thoughts found by other thinker or writers may be a mere coincidental. As such any mistakes in comprehending of thoughts are regretted and may be excused). 

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Shali Sam said...

Excellent thought process! Only few people take into account the ancient sciences that have been recorded in history. Most people discount it as they feel relying on it makes people fatalists and full of excuses. However, after reading your article, I do feel that there is far more depth to this knowledge than we seem to understand. Most theories in the world are attempting to find the 'truth' of why and how things work, and for many we do not have answers. Karma, founded at the heart of dharmic philosophy is the only logical explanation and makes us accountable for our actions. We forget that we are suspended in a large cosmos on a planet that is a tiny spec in comparison to the rest of the universe. To assume that our intellect is superior and we have all the answers, or has reached its peak potential is ignorance. Most of us are born and die living unconsciously and unaware of why we behave the way we do in certain situations. Thus, most of us look for shortcuts and 'remedies' to the problems in our horoscopes and blame bhagya, which is most likely why many spiritual gurus avoid indulgence into the topic of astrology/palmistry. However, the question 'why me' is something humans cannot refrain from asking. Our thirst for answers has existed time immemorial and ancient research must not have been just pure bs. Therefore, it is necessary sometimes to look back and study the knowledge in a holistic manner instead of dismissing it entirely. Thank you for sharing your in-depth understanding on this matter. Keep on writing!!

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